Ivan Bercovich

  • Presenter

Ivan Bercovich is a veteran tech leader with specialized expertise in structured data, conversational systems, and transforming complex data into valuable products and experiences. His journey began at Graphiq, where he spent a decade developing natural language understanding and generation technology that is integral to Alexa’s capabilities. After Graphiq’s acquisition by Amazon, Bercovich continued to lead a team of 130 professionals, overseeing software development, product management, and knowledge engineering.

Bercovich’s current role as a Partner at ScOp Venture Capital sees him as a hands-on investor. He actively engages with the technical teams in ScOp’s portfolio, helping define roadmaps and architectural frameworks, and nurturing strong technical leadership. He’s dedicated to helping companies develop machine learning products, scale their teams, and foster innovation.

He has been involved on the boards of 5 companies while advising several others. He serves as the CEO of HeyTutor, one of ScOp’s portfolio companies, delivering tutoring services to public school children across the country. Under his stewardship, the company’s annual revenue has grown 10x, and the company has provided hundreds of thousands of hours of tutoring to students in need.

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