Why Do Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies Care Why the Sky is Blue?

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Everyone is familiar with weighing materials on a scale, but as remarkable as it sounds, one can “weigh” molecules by shining light on them and analyzing the scattering. Modern light scattering instruments and related techniques have become indispensable tools in modern analytical chemistry labs, with applications that span material science, polymer physics, pharmaceutical and vaccine development.

Dr. Steven Trainoff, Scientific Fellow at Waters Corporation
Dr. Trainoff develops analytical instruments for Waters Corporation, which acquired Wyatt Technology last year. These instruments are used to characterize macromolecules by measuring static light scattering, dynamic light scattering, differential viscosity, and refractive index. They can be used to measure molar mass, molecular size, diffusion constants, aggregation state, and conformation. This technology is used by a diverse set of industries including pharmaceutical and vaccine research, synthetic polymers, nanotechnology, and material science. Instrumentation Dr. Trainoff developed is in active use in eight Nobel Prize winner’s labs. His PhD is in physics from UCSB.

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Dr. Steven Trainoff

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