Detecting Nanochemistry with AFM-IR: From Outer Space to Better Health

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The modern world presents many questions, such as “Where does life originate?” and “Can we make the world healthier with nanomedicine?” These demand investigation on smaller and smaller scales. This presentation introduces AFM-IR, a unique technique for “smelling” materials at the nanoscale to further understand their chemical make-up. We will take a look at the history of the technique, how it works, and how it is currently being used to explore such big ideas.

Dr. Cassandra Phillips, Senior Product Manager, Bruker Nano

Dr. Phillips is the senior product manager for nanoscale IR spectroscopy at Bruker Nano. She works on developing the next generation of NanoIR products and getting the word out about this technology. Cassandra began working at Bruker in Santa Barbara as an applications scientist in 2019 after completing her PhD at the University of Toronto in Canada, where she studied the infrared photophysics of boron nitride nanotubes.

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